SAIt Sezione Calabria
All you want to know about the Planetarium

The Planetarium is owned by the Province of Reggio Calabria, was opened March 12, 2004.
Under the political and managerial profile, the Planetarium refers to Sector 7 Tourism, Cultural Heritage and Activities,
Sport and Linguistic Minorities. (Councillor Eduardo Castronuovo Lamberti, Director Giuseppina Attanasio).
Management and activities are regulated by a protocol signed between Province and Italian Astronomical Society.
The Director’s office, managed by Angela Misiano, is responsible for didactic activities and scientific research..

Astronomy is the oldest science: astronomical phenomena have always had a great influence on human life and the study of Philosophy and of Natural Sciences follows the history of “their mother”: Astronomy. Today light pollution,  artificial town lamps, times of observation and weather conditions often prevent the observation of constellations.    

The Planetarium reproduces almost all the astronomical phenomena that can be observed during the day and the night in any latitude, at high speed.  It is a device that projects the imagine and the movements of the sky as they would appear to the observer in a given time and place. The projector also reproduces the day annual movement of the different celestial bodies, imitates the sky at any earth’s latitude and the precession of earth’s axis. The motions can be combined in such a way as to see special effects for example the starry sky from a space station or from the moon.
The apparatus is supplied by systems of projection provided with computerized technologies, the hall is equipped with a sound and amplification system.

The beauty and the size of  the external Geode, one of the most remarkable in Europe (second only to the one of Paris) has allowed the province of Reggio Calabria and Calabria to take part into the group of the European towns that can use a spectacular and effective equipment to spread scientific subjects.

This apparatus  is both a great cultural resource for our country  and the witness of our own history rooted in the life of those populations who, ages and ages ago, developed  and improved Astronomy.

This Geode shining in the sky of Reggio Calabria shows that it is really successful to invest in education, culture, moral resources supported by a farsighted policy  that knows how to exploit  culture, intelligence and sense of duty that still exist in our reality.